Full Home Staging Consultation Services in Toronto, ON

A typical HOME STAGING CONSULTATION (TORONTO, ON) engagement with Elegant Renderings begins with a full review of your property to give you a holistic understanding of how a prospective buyer might view its features and for us to generate for you the widest selection of available options for staging.

We provide an analysis of the interior and exterior of the home and a thorough room by room evaluation. We want to know your property using our ‘outside eyes’ perspective to provide you with unbiased feedback in preparation for putting your property on the market.

This evaluation highlights positive features of your home so that they can be accentuated through appropriate decor and accessorizing, and note any features needing remedial attention to avoid having them detract from a successful, profitable sale.

While Full Home Staging Consultation Services in Toronto, ON are offered as standalone services, they also give a solid foundation for all of our other services, as follows:

Home Staging using existing furnishings and decor, supplemented by our design and accessories or Vacant Home Staging where the property has essentially been vacated by the current owner. These services make use of our Furniture & Accessories Rental service to the degree needed. Showcasing your current home using your existing furniture and accessories is another option and an effective way to leverage your current setup thus avoiding the need to temporarily remove these to a storage facility in order to supplement with rented items. This is a lower budget option where we apply our staging skills to effectively arrange what presently exists in the home.

Where the homeowner is seeking advice well before marketing their property, we offer a ReDesign service that gives recommendations for improving the appeal and functionality of your home. For some clients’ properties needing only a freshening up to present current colour schemes and trends, we offer a Colour Consultation service to enhance your home’s appeal.

As part of the consultation, the HOME STAGING CONSULTANT (TORONTO) will generate a written report of their findings and recommendations which are presented and discussed with both you as homeowner and your agent.

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