Furniture & Accessories Rental Services in Toronto, ON

Note: selection and coordination of rental pieces is usually done as part of Home Staging services

As part of our goal to enhance the client’s presentation of their home to potential buyers by improving the sense of comfort and ensuring harmony, balance and appeal, Elegant Renderings Home Staging And Design provides furniture and accessories rental services across Vaughan, Newmarket, Markham, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Toronto and the surrounding areas.

We assist clients by conducting an onsite room-by-room assessment of your current furniture and accessories. We seek to use complementary pieces and provide recommendations of selected Furniture Rental Toronto pieces and accessories to achieve overall decor style for special events or promoting the sale of the property, etc.

We partner and coordinate with our provider on behalf of the client to obtain Staging Furniture Toronto, ON and ensure the project is completed to our clients’ satisfaction.

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