Common Home Staging Mistakes to Avoid

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Selling a house can be a long drawn and tedious process. The longer your house stays in the market, the lower the chances are that you will get the price you ask for. One proven way to increase your chances of a quick sale at a profitable price is to hire a home staging service.

Home stagers and interior designers pride themselves on setting up your home to make it more appealing to buyers. This appeal helps speed up the process and almost always helps you to get a higher selling price for your house. No staging or improper staging of a home can also reduce your chances of getting the best price and prevent you from hanging that “SOLD” sign on the lawn sooner rather than later.

With several years of home staging experience under our belts, we understand the details that go into home staging and want you to benefit from our knowledge. To help you do so, we have listed four of the most common mistakes people make while staging their home and how to avoid them.

1. Too much that does too little. Instead of getting elaborate renovations done that neither enhance the interiors nor make use of the space in the home, focus on little things to update the area with a trendy style and finish. Anything more than repainting some rooms should be thought of prudently, and it would help if you consult a home stager or interior designer before breaking down the walls with a sledgehammer.

2. Not paying attention to the basics. Cleanliness and decluttering are sometimes subtle aspects that slip by the homeowner, unnoticed. Besides, a homeowner's choice might be markedly different from current or recent industry trends, and this can create a challenge when attempting to present your home in the best light for potential buyers.

A professional home stager is both trained and experienced to spot these minute details and know what a prospective buyer will find appealing. A home stager or interior design will recommend some alternatives to decorating one or more of the rooms so that it appears more current and give more appeal to buyers who visit your home.

3. Not removing personalized items. These are items that make your home ‘your space’ which include mementos, keepsakes, and objects with sentimental value to you. However, a potential buyer may not recognize its emotional connection. While some articles may reflect your specific tastes, they may not be mainstream and have less appeal to buyers. You should also avoid showing religious objects as these can instantly turn off potential buyers of other religions.

4. Poor use of color. There are two broad themes of color choice for homes: picking trending colors or personal preference colors. Often these will be considered similar because the homeowner tends to be more up to date with trends from television shows, and studying various media photos dealing with interior design. However, there are situations where an individual’s choice of color is more personalized and is markedly different from current or recent industry trends. This can create a challenge when attempting to present your home in the best light for potential buyers. The best advice here is to have a home stager or interior designer recommend some alternate colors to paint one or more of the rooms to appear more current and give more appeal to buyers who visit your home, or you can reach out to us

5. Not hiring a professional. Many people underestimate the value of hiring a home stager. In most cases, a home staging service ends up paying for itself with the increase in the sale price. If you're serious about selling your home quickly and want to get the best possible price, consider hiring a professional to help you get your home sale ready.

If you’re planning on selling your home, steer clear of these and other mistakes by reaching out to the experts at Elegant Renderings Home Staging And Design. We will create a setting that is certain to increase the property's attractiveness to potential buyers, thus helping you speed up the sale of the house at a higher price. For new homeowners needing to design and plan their new space, we also offer a home design service to get things set up using a blend of their personal preferences and modern design trends. For a complete list of services, please click here. If you have any questions about home staging and design, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us here.