Engineering ‘Curb Appeal’

Author: Elegant Renderings Home Staging And Design

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We hear it a lot, “make sure to give your house Curb Appeal”.

So what is that and how is it created?

Curb Appeal is to some extent, an outdoor version of home staging. The same principles apply and by investing in good curb appeal, you can indeed sell your home faster and likely at a higher price.

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It is an attempt to evoke a feeling of attraction, comfort, and warmth from a distance, usually from the roadside when people arrive at your home for a visit.

It is a selling feature achieved in summer by keeping the pathway to your house surrounded by well-manicured greenery and to always have blooming flowers in the garden. Walkways, walls, and doors must also be attended to, ensuring they have well-maintained surfaces and hardware in good condition.

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In winter, it’s mostly about keeping safe ice-free surfaces and entranceways, warm-toned lighting along the walkway with handholds where necessary.

Curb Appeal is a preview of what I can create inside any marketed home with even better return on investment. As an experienced home stager, I give viewers the 'Wow!' experience that instantly puts them in a buying mood, willing to pay top price for your property. Give me a call and let's chat!