Fire Safety

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Fire Safety

[Disclaimer: Advice and opinions offered in this article are non-professional and should be treated as such. For accurate and precise information concerning good safety practice in your household, please consult a professional.]

Here we are in late September and Fall has begun.  This is a prime opportunity to check your home safety.  As a home stager, I have seen homes that are very safe and well equipped to deal with many emergencies and I have seen those that are lacking some of the basics. This has encouraged me to write this month’s newsletter article focusing on fire safety in the home.

Fire safety

Home safety is something we ignore at our own peril. Depending on your circumstances, this could mean small investments in safety equipment and supplies but for the majority, it’s just a review and assessment of our preparations and plans. Everyone must know what to do if this situation arises because it’s too late to begin learning when it happens to you.

Remember, you can avoid being safe but you cannot avoid the consequences of not being safe!
Evacuation plan to get everyone out quickly. - draw it up and practice!
Equipment:  As a minimum, you need an operating smoke and CO2 detector/alarm on each level of your home. Remember to test them at least every 6 months. Keep 1-3 fire extinguishers in the home and match the type to the kind of fire likely to be encountered in different areas. For example, oil and grease fires are most common in the kitchen area, so make sure you get an extinguisher for this type of fire for that location.

Fire Safety

BE aware, take care and DO IT NOW!
I’m hoping as I get into the Fall sales and staging season, I see more houses properly equipped to deal with emergencies. If you’re a homeowner, please take time and follow the advice offered here. If you’re a realtor, please take a moment to advise your clients. It could save lives!
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Fire Safety

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