Frequently Asked Questions About Home Staging for a Quick Sale

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If you’re planning on selling your home, the last thing you want is to put yourself at a disadvantage by skipping the home staging process. Often this happens because clients have a ton of questions about home staging, but find answers difficult to come by. At Elegant Renderings Home Staging And Design, we want to arm you with the most up to date and accurate information available. To do so, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about home staging.

1. Can you estimate the price over the phone?

The price for home staging depends on too many factors to make an over-the-phone estimate possible. We would first need to see the property and make a full assessment to provide options and estimates.

2. How soon can you do my home staging?

There are a few factors that affect when the staging can be done. In collaboration with the homeowner and realtor, we strive to fit with their schedule and complete the staging before listing photos and open house sessions. We will need to assess the home’s current situation regarding furniture, decluttering or storage needs before we can firmly establish a date for staging.

3. How much will staging my home cost?

The value of home staging to the homeowner will likely exceed its cost. The return to you is in achieving a quick sale at a higher price than if it wasn’t staged. Your potential buyers will immediately be more engaged with your property and start visualizing themselves living there. From a practical perspective, it is impossible to give an estimate before we see the property and fully assess what is needed to promote a quick sale. This assessment will also give us the ability to provide the homeowner with options to ensure the staging fits within their budget.

4. Do you have your own furniture?

For the best staging, we feel it is essential to have appropriate, up-to-date furniture that gives the home a coordinated, spacious and appealing feel. Given that every property is different and our goal to effectively achieve the best staging, we would need to have a vast variety of furniture on hand. Therefore, we partnered with reliable rental furniture suppliers that have a great inventory, continually refreshed and updated, for us to select from. This ensures that we can provide the best for our clients.

5. Does home staging work?

Absolutely! There have been several studies comparing sales performance of staged vs. unstaged properties that conclude staging gives on average, a 400% return on investment, regardless of the market situation. This is mostly because about 90% of potential buyers are not able to visualize a space in any other way than how it is presented. Remember, the way you live in your home is not the way you market your home!

If you have any more questions about home staging, get in touch with the experts at Elegant Renderings Home Staging And Design. As the best home staging company in Toronto, ON, our primary goal is to help facilitate a faster home sale at a higher sale price. With our professional home staging services, we can bring the WOW factor that buyers are looking for. To learn more about how we can help you, please click here or contact us by clicking here.